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Zonal workshop for personality development of meritorious and positive thinker students from Tarntaran zone concluded with high spirits on 8 August,2017 at Kalgidhar Academy, Bhikiwind. More than 100 students from various schools of Tarntaran zone participated in this workshop.

S.Harpreet Singh,Coordinator, Atam Pargas Positive Thinkers Training Institute inspired the students to be truthful human beings and shared the methodology to be followed.S.Budha Singh,Principal,Kalgidhar Academy,Bhikiwind motivated the students to take inspiration from our great history and culture and establish new milestones.

Atam Pargas Social Welfare Council has established Positive Thinkers Training Institute for the comprehensive training of students with constructive thinking. These students will be groomed to provide leadership to the society in the coming years. Any student irrespective of religion/caste can join this institiute if he/she fulfills the following criteria :

Has passed eight standard examination with at least 80% marks or/ and is any of the following

  • Speaker
  • Writer 
  • Sportsperson
  • Artist
  • Leader
  • Volunteer

More than 500 students have take admission to the institute and following activities are being held

  • Daily online whatsapp classes
  • Weekly quiz competition
  • Bimonthly zonal personality development workshop
  • Annual national personality development workshop

Dr Varinderpal Singh,Chairman, Atam Pargas informed that the training and grooming tasks of Positive Thinkers will continue even after the completion of their schooling. As a result these students will develop themselves as Truthful Human Beings and will contribute in the moral reconstruction of the society.