Atam Pargas organized an educational workshop on the topic ‘Efficient Teaching: Methodologies and Responsibilities’ at Guru Nanak Girls College, Shri Tibbi Sahib road, Sri Mukatsar Sahib with the kind support of the management committee and staff of the college. The workshop commenced with recitation of Gurbani kirtan by the college students. The workshop provided an opportunity for the participant delegates to introspect their teaching methodologies. Dr. Varinderpal Singh, Chairman Atam Pargas Social Welfare Council and Senior Soil Scientist, PAU, Ludhiana sensitized the teachers for their duty as ‘Nation Builders’. In his key address he cautioned the decline of moral values among the students and inspired the teachers to address the issue by developing ourselves as ‘Role Models’ for the students. He touched the grass root realities from the daily routine life and gave tips to encapsulate the teaching methodologies with spirituality. He brainstormed the participants for more than two hrs in a pin drop silence and introduced an enthusiastic plan of Jeevey Gurbani Naal Lehar for moral reconstruction of society. Talking about the role of teachers in developing drug free society he emphasized the need to take up the issue with responsibility. He introduced a systematic plan to create mass awareness among the families to conserve natural resources. He educated the teachers about use of leaf colour chart to reduce the consumption of nitrogenous fertilizers in crop production. He inspired them to educate farming families to use leaf colour chart that will save environment, improve quality of food grains besides giving economical benefit to the farmers. The teachers gave commitment to join Atam Pargas team with raised hands and were found highly enthusiastic after participating in the workshop. The teachers showed a great interest to include ‘Jeevey Gurbani Naal - play way book series’ in their school syllabus. Sh. Davinder Rajoria, District Education Officer and the chief guest of the occasion appreciated the efforts of Atam Pargas and felt the need to organize such workshops at large scale. He further urged that we have failed somewhere in maintaining the quality of education in our institutions. He asked the teachers to voluntarily join the mission of Atam Pargas for the welfare of society. Mrs. Anshu Jindal, Vice-Principal of the college inspired the teachers to initiate the grass roots level working by joining the Atam Parags mission. During the question answer session, teachers got the opportunity to clear their doubts. The stage was managed by Prof. Sukhwinder Singh, Department of Punjabi. Sh. Santokh Singh, Additional Secretary of Local Managing Committee. Mrs. Anshu Jindal and Dr. Jasjit Kaur honored the guests. The principals and teachers from more than 60 different academic institutions of the district participated in the workshop.