Nature Care Movement a wing of Atam Pargas Social Welfare Council (APSWC), Ludhiana engaged in educating the society to save environment and establish value based living standards launched a dedicated campaign to educate farmers for adoption of LCC at PAU Kissan Mela. According to Dr. Nachhattar Singh, Director Nature Movement, APSWC and Vice Chancellor, Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo, Bhatinda the council has network in about 250 schools spread in the country. The educational workshops for teachers to imbibe moral values in the students through Gurbani as a vehicle are paying dividends. A glimpse of this approach is seen at the Kissan Mela PAU, Ludhiana on 20-21 March. The volunteers of nature care movement in groups of two got spread at strategic sites of the mela venue. They gathered the information from the farmers about the crops grown, the quantities of fertilizers applied, soil fertility test, the source of their queries to resolve agriculture related issues etc. The data indicated that majority of farmers do not have soil test reports with them and are using fertilizers more than the PAU recommendations. They apply nitrogenous fertilizers based on the leaf colour and in a tendency to keep the crop green they use N in excess that may contribute to underground water and air pollution. It had also been observed that they are reluctant to follow resource conservation recommendations of PAU. The APSWC volunteers made interactions with the farmers to motivate them to follow LCC recommendation of PAU that not only reduces urea consumption but also reduces the incidence of insect-pest attack and crop lodging at maturity. The volunteers did a yeomen service to the farmers in educating them to follow package of practices of PAU and to develop relations with the extension specialists in KVKs/FASSs and Department of Agriculture. The contact numbers of KVKs/FASSs and Cheif Agriculture Officers of different districts were also provided to the farmers. The farmers were seen keen in recording the information and purchasing LCCs. The contact details of more than hundred farmers have been collected and volunteers of the APSWC will follow them in the forthcoming kharif season to ensure the use of LCC in rice and maize. Dr. Nachhattar Singh appreciated the concern of Dr. Varinderpal Singh, Senior Soil Scientist, PAU to inspire and educate the volunteers to work with passion at Kissan Mela. He also acknowledged the help extended by Dr. Harvinder Singh, Dean College of Agriculture and Dr. Harmit Singh, Head Department of Soil Science to make the campaign successful and wish for such cooperation in future